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Competitive organizations
adapted to
a changing world

Programs to achieve more self-aware organizations and able to align desire, thought and action.

To design and implement
an organizational culture
aligned with objectives

Organizational intelligence

This program is designed to enhance the culture of the organizations.

The system of interpersonal relationships that occurs in an organization (inside and outside of it) and the values ​​and beliefs that govern it form its culture. The culture and psychology shared by the whole group, can arise naturally or be worked on until it becomes a valuable intangible that brings integration and security and driving the teams.

The Organizational Intelligence Program is designed to strengthen the culture of organizations. With it, a company will achieve:

  • Understand if the current culture of the organization is aligned with its objectives.
  • Know the existing gap between the current culture and the desired one.
  • Implement the necessary changes to reach the perfect state and achieve the successes in a recurrent way

AIMED AT organizations that need to strengthen their culture and align it with their objectives and those that value trust, enthusiasm and dare to initiate an internal change.

Training program in Design Thinking to obtain more creative teams

Think different

The spark of innovation and of good ideas can be cultivated with methodologies as effective as this one.

This work methodology has been shown as one of the most efficient when seeking and implementing creative, positive and innovative solutions in organizations. The advantages of Design Thinking allow us to:

  • Explore new approaches, whatever the challenge a particular business is facing.
  • Address challenges from multiple approaches and in a non-linear way.
  • Apply the fundamentals and the power of visual thinking to address business situations.
  • To achieve that multidisciplinary teams, develop ideas focusing on the needs of the client.
  • Get a good mental preparation to work both on a day-to-day basis and when creating innovative solutions.

AIMED AT organizations that need to incorporate innovation into their different business areas.

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