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Be a Positive Leader

When a leader succeeds in managing correctly his emotions, learns to listen and knows how to share the pleasure of taking on the challenge, magic happens: the team works better, goals get achieved and then comes success.

Positive Leadership is all about the application of Positive Psychology to the challenges we face in our work life.

Positive leadership means, firstly, to create a path of personal development so that from there on we will inspire the teams, encouraging them to make an effort and to be transformed into a model within and out of the organization. It means at the same time believing in people and helping them turn into the best version of themselves.

In Muvens we train people in Positive Leadership and facilitate them with the appropriate tools because we know this is how excited, creative and proactive teams are developed, capable of progressing together and achieving their expected results.

Facing uncertain environments by the organization

Bringing desire, thought and action together

Achieving success in complex environments such as those we live in, requires organizations and their leaders to count with diverse skills: teams need both leadership and strategy¸ companies have to be permanently attentive to change signs and respond to changes with agility and capacity of controlled action. All of this without ever losing its essence.

Therefore, in Muvens we believe in the importance of balance, both for the organizations and the people. And we are sure that it is necessary to work continuously to keep it. This is the reason why we work intensively to make organizations more aware and teach them how to align desire, thought and action.

We also believe that for the organization’s leaders the level of competition required must be at its highest. They must be people that have succeeded in solving complex situations so many times that their effective response has become a habit.

and team work

Some personal details about Jose-Pedro Martinez, Muven’s founder

from experience

Muvens is the company in which Jose-Pedro Martinez throws himself into, having worked more than twenty years as a manager. He was Financial Manager in several companies, after that he was the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer as well as other executive international positions in important industrial corporations. In some of these he also took part in their Board of Directors.

In his different job positions he stood up in three aspects: his capacity to identify targets and generate accurate strategies to achieve them; his facility to discover improvement patterns and turning them into standardized processes; and his excellent Team Building.

After his management experience, he decided to make a career transition leaving behind general management and start working to support organizations from an external position. He wants to transform his professional background into a knowledge of value for other organizations and people.

In 2015 he set up Muvens to help companies manage their change processes. In 2018 Jose-Pedro Martinez has given a new mark by incorporating to his executive experience the studies of Positive Psychology applied to organizations and to people, that he has added to his education during the last few years.

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