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Positive Leaders
that inspire,
and mark the way

Programs that help managers grow personally and professionally, becoming a reference and inspiration for their teams

Professional growth for the leaders

Personal mentoring

Having a mentor means learning from the experience of others, focus more precisely on the objectives and have new resources to reach the goal beforehand.

A mentor is someone who has walked the path before you and who also has the personal skills, empathy and knowledge to help you reach your goals

With the help of a mentor, a professional can:

  • To know first-hand real experiences of success and failure, including those key details that are almost always hidden.
  • Discuss ideas and challenges to find the most appropriate solution.
  • Obtain expert and perspective recommendations.
  • Have an extra positive motivation to move forward.
  • Help you improve your network of contacts.

AIMED AT entrepreneurs, managers or middle managers who want to grow personally and professionally.

An intensive
and interactive program
to maximize results

Successful negotiations

Because approaching a negotiation with well-developed interpersonal skills is equivalent to ensuring success.

Resolving a negotiation or the resolution of a conflict with optimal and lasting results, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge on the subject and a rigorous training. The program that we present, intensive and interactive, offers these two aspects, theoretical and practical. With it, professionals will learn to successfully face all kinds of negotiations: commercial or salary, in front of a board of directors or work teams.

The plan allows the person involved:

  • Acquire a systematic framework to better understand the negotiating process.
  • Increase awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn to create value in negotiations.
  • Incorporate resolution techniques that strengthen future relationships.
  • Learn to choose the correct process to reach long term agreements.
  • Know how to manage at the negotiating table and outside of it.

AIMED AT leaders who want to take their negotiation skills to a higher level of effectiveness.

To improve
the specific skills
to a family organization

Family leadership

Joining business skills and a good interpersonal relationship is the path to success.

Because of their special configuration, family organizations -companies, foundations, etc.- require a unique leadership, capable of combining strategic vision with interpersonal skills.

We have created this program specifically to train family leaders in the skills that will allow them to face challenges that go beyond the professional and that involve the closest people. All are essential whether the management is carried out directly or if it is carried out by the Board of Directors or the Family Council.

AIMED AT family businesses’ entrepreneurs and managers.

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