Over the past few decades, employees have spent much more of their time collaborating, in meetings, on phone calls, or via email and chat platforms.

Engaging with our team(s) now accounts for more than 60% of employees’ time.

This proliferation of teams has complicated the working lives of employees.

As teams become more complex, more fluid, and more remote, team members must navigate a continuous changing environment.

Teams today are more complex and more dispersed than in the past. Many employees work in more than one team, team members sometimes are in more than one country and for sure more than one work remotely.

However, employees think that they can be still duly connected with the organization working remotely.

While modern technology allows us to collaborate remotely in ways that were unthinkable short time ago, that doesn’t mean that working with virtual teams is easy or that it’s the same as working in person.

Generally speaking, we can say that in this hybrid world we need to manage and practice the same rules that in the past, but with some differences we must consider.

We are in a world continuously changing and more than ever managing people is very important. We need also much more people with a growth mindset able to face quick and agile changes.

But be sure that attending what you´ve just read, organizations will also be able to enhance their cultures.

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