The role of private organizations in the world is very important. Especially in the industrialized world. Governments do not seem very determined to address the future of work, pensions and other relevant issues directly. It is true that it is not easy, but someone will have to tackle it eventually.

Companies in recent decades have addressed processes of change and improvement, from the quality revolution through “Just in Time” to project management. Later we began with e-commerce, environmental issues, health and so on, advancing to our days in which we are immersed in a great technological change at an unstoppable speed where Big Data, Blockchain, Metaverse, IoT but also sustainability and governance and much more are being the main characters.

But without a doubt, in all the changes that have been taking place over the years there have really been some key players.

Who have these been?

This can only be answered in capital letters: PEOPLE.

We have had organizations focused solely and exclusively on profit, customer-centric, and now… are they or will they be employee-centric?

If we want workers to live with enthusiasm every day, we need a high degree of commitment on their part and to achieve this, companies must commit even more to them.

Starting with those ESG strategies need to be clear to your employees. This will undoubtedly have a clear and significant impact on success. New generations are much more interested in working for sustainable companies than baby boomers may be.

A very good connection between ESG and purpose will be fundamental and create the fundamental reasons why employees come to work daily, in person or virtually.

So, we now enter that most challenging part of making it live in organizations.

One of the keys, once the foundations such as those mentioned above have been established, is the well-being of employees at work. Well-being that can be improved with actions such as, not only with compliance with current regulations, but with digital disconnection outside working hours, professional help therapies, mindfulness, nutrition management, physical care, training, and continuous development.

A company with happy and engaged employees can substantially increase sales and productivity, which helps build a high-performance work environment that improves the quality of life for everyone in the organization.

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