Currently technologies, digital transformation, industry 4.0, new software to face changes in processes are demanding companies that are either gaining or keeping competitive advantages. But something it doesn’t change is the necessity to apply continuous improvement in our organizations. This will help to manage change as part of corporate life.

Managing change in organizations require a continuous education of our corporate managers, managers, middle level and the whole organization. It is very important to consider some basics at the time a process change is successful. Sometime to underestimate those basics can drive companies to fail.

Once is defined what we want to change and the scope of the change action, the first aspect to consider is the timing for the design process. This should be well defined, not too wide but not too fast. At the same time, we must focus all the change in the output that creates the value proposition the customers.

Latter we must communicate the changes we are implementing to the whole organization. We must consider all the areas. The critical factor most often ignored is the need to take the message to the entire audience – people must be engaged with the project, because it is upon their actions that success depends.

It is very important that the workforce is completely integrated in the strategy of the company, know the importance of the processes and the performance levels expected to understand perfectly well the changes and the sense of them. This will contribute to support the actions of change that organizations implement.

We can build a successful and simple road map to implement the change and re-design process:

a). Process owner will be the one motivating the change. He will be responsible to communicate to the organization the sense and reasons to implement such changes and also will push with the courage and determination get the end with success.

b). We will look for the right Project Leader to re-design the process who will define the team member. That team must be able not only to drive the changes but can also work together in a cohesive way being very effective.

c). Assigning the adequate resources, facilities, technological to handle the project effectively.

d). Main goal will be to eliminate activities without added value and generate extra costs, mistakes and delays.

Before we start with any change implementation in re-designing processes we must check that we are able and ready to face a process transformation. We should check aspects as leadership, culture, experience and management skills.

Too often individuals spend a significant amount of time fixing things that have gone wrong, on top of just performing the tasks and processes that make up their ‘day job’. That’s why many times organizations have to initiate a more radical change in an organized way.

It is also necessary to define the right key performance indicators that fulfil some requirements:

1.- Aligned across all the organization

2.- No gaps in the measures applied through the organization hierarchy

3.- Used to drive improvement


Finally, new processes or changed ones must be approved and finally implemented properly. Consolidation and sustainability will guarantee the results and success of processes.

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