Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw


Have you ever been in a moment where your intention was to stop smoking or to start practicing a regular exercise or perhaps trying to lose some kilos following a diet?

If you were in some of those situations, you really know how hard it is. Changing habits is one of our difficult tasks we face sometimes in our lives. But if we want to help others to initiate changes is even more difficult than change ourselves.

Many times we turn to coaches for helping us to face changes but no matter how skilled are our coaches, we don’t see any result in our employees or ourselves. Many times this fails because we receive the right support but in the wrong time. Everyone has a different moment in which is able facing changes.

Change has an important psychological impact in our minds. Human beings also react differently when facing changes. From the ones that consider change as negative and that things may get worse to those ones so enthusiastic that consider things may get better. Change is inevitable and it is part of our lives and few changes are under control.

When we change intentionally, we likely have more opportunities to be successful with changes controlling and predicting steps and results. We don’t have magic pills and it is very important to choose the right process and strategy and also the right time to succeed. Additionally, building self-confidence will help for such success.

Many times we don’t achieve the change with a positive result because of a lack of guidance. It is necessary that we put ourselves on the hands of expert professionals in change management. Managers and leaders that have lived again and again changes in their companies. They could participate in changes as part of the coalition or even leading the change. We want to listen to professionals with the experience and knowledge that guide us in those processes of change. Muvens is an expert in Change Management helping others make the change work.

We can call change to any process that we initiate to help modify our thinking, feeling or behavior. When we take part in a change, timing is everything. We should be very sure that we are ready for a change. The risk we have to failure is high when we aren’t ready. It is important to combine the right understanding of the problem, the path to follow and the actions to be taken. All this will bring us at the right time to success.

Researchers James Prochaska, Carlo DiClemente, and John Norcross introduced a breakthrough model of the five stages of personal change:


  • Pre-contemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance.

By recognizing the stage of change that the company or your employees are in, you can lead appropriately to help them move to the next stage and ultimately achieve lasting change.

Change is complex. It is easier to move forward if the recipient is ready and willing to change. By avoiding a onesize-fits-all approach to lead your people, you can increase your likelihood of success.El progreso es imposible sin el cambio, y aquellos que no pueden cambiar sus mentes no pueden cambiar nada.

George Bernard Shaw


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